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“This was my first time needing a lawyers assistance for a car accident and I am so happy that I fell into the hands of an associate from this company. I received help from a very reliable and competent associate."


AVVO - 2/16/2012

“Nave has handled all my legal needs with class and great care. She didn’t treat me like a client but more like a family member in need of help! I look forward to many more years of work with Nave & Associates."


AVVO - 4/25/2012

“I suffered from injuries due to a car accident and needed legal representation as well as medical help. Right away Nave & Associates assisted me in getting the medical attention I needed and they handled the insurance company on my behalf. It was a blessing to not have to worry about those matters while injured. I really appreciated the whole experience. They are true professionals and they got my case settled fast"


From AVVO - 11/9/2011

“My husband was recently represented by Brandi Nave for charges including: driving w/ suspended license, reckless driving, DUI's, etc. He is the sole provider for our household and Ms. Nave was able to not only to get most of the charges dropped but no jail time! She really knows her stuff!!"

DUI & DWI Client

From AVVO - 11/21/2011

"Nave & Associates is one of the top law firms in the Greater Washington DC metropolitan area in terms of providing quality legal advice and guidance for small businesses. Brandi Nave is a rockstar!!"

M. Dickerson

YELP - 3/18/2016

“I first used ms nave for a simple debt collection case. and it went real smooth. Then I had her do all the legals for several rental properties I had. and again the service were quick and smooth. Then I had a family member that need legal help on a DUI, and she handled that beautifully."


From AVVO - 11/9/2011

“As any successful leader or entrepreneur will tell you, one of the keys to success is "in the details". BNave & Associates share this philosophy and can be a key driver in helping you and your organization achieve its goals."

Wil M.

From YELP - 11/2/2011

“Ms. Nave is an excellent attorney! I gave her my landlord/tenant case and she was able to successfully represent me as the Landlord. Prior to visiting Ms. Nave, I visited 2 other attorneys and they could not resolve the issues of my case like she did. I highly recommend Ms. Nave for ANY type of legal case."


From AVVO - 11/10/2011

“I was involved in an automobile accident in July, 2012 which quickly became a web of confusion for me while trying to get relief from the pain I was experiencing from my injury and at the same time, resolve the situation on my own. I was having major difficulty getting any acceptable feedback from the responsible party's "Insurance Company". After weeks of getting nowhere, I solicited help from my medical provider for a recommendation of an attorney and I was referred to Nave & Associates Law Firm."

M. Long

From AVVO - 7/16/2013

“Hands down the best representation in the DMV. If I could give 20 stars, I would."

Michelle A.

From AVVO - 7/16/2013

“Very professional, understanding, they actually care. They aren't like other lawyers, sorry, ATTORNEYS that just help you for your money. I sincerely appreciate them and will be using them again."

Carbonado Charles

From AVVO - 7/16/2013

“This lawyer is an ADVOCATE, she rights the wrongs when others try to railroad her clients.......THANK YOU!!!"


From AVVO - 7/16/2013

“Phenomenal top rate service and legal skills. She is the best at what she does best......"

B. Nuby

From AVVO - 7/16/2013

“Ms. Nave is more than a lawyer. She gave me help during a real bad time... I'm grateful to her. She fights for the little people! Nave has handled all my legal needs with class and great care. She didn’t treat me like a client but more like a family member in need of help! I look forward to many more years of work with Nave & Associates."

Tracey G

From AVVO - 7/16/2013

“Ms. Nave has represented me on three separate cases that involved DUI/DWI and criminal charges. The criminal case is still pending but the other cases have been dismissed due to her exceptional knowledge and degree of experience with this area of practice. Upon our first meeting Ms. Nave ensured me that although my case was difficult, she was confident that she could win. During the trial I was extremely impressed with her ability to communicate persuasively and credibly."

Mr. Midge

From AVVO - 7/16/2013

“Ms Nave represented me in a bad faith sexual harassment lawsuit. Ms. Nave Law Firm in Washington, DC is adiamond in the sky. The personal attention to your matters and prompt response to your question and her answers put you at ease. I would recommend Ms Nave for any Legal Matters you may have."


From AVVO - 7/16/2013

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